Pop art furniture: an ironic and pungent style

Eccentric and cheerful, the Pop style envelops you in a world of colours, shapes and cultural references. The Pop style has its roots in the Sixties, with Pop Art, an artistic trend that involved various media, from cinema to art, via television and design.

Its irreverent character continues to be noticed even today with new and interesting interpretations.

Thanks to a reworking of advertising images, cartoons and consumerist icons, it immediately distinguished itself as a movement of rupture, even in interior design.

How to furnish your home in a POP style - Green light for colour!

Do you like Pop style and want to bring a touch of liveliness to your home? Find out which artists collaborate with our gallery: you can fall in love with the unique "So Cult" works and the vitamin tones of Karsenty , or appreciate the pop characters represented by our street artist Shife VHRo.

What distinguishes the pop style is precisely the use of color: all shades are allowed, combined with each other in an original way. Geometric shapes and patterns with drawings and writings also dominate.

Furnishing according to a Pop style can be best expressed with unique and unrepeatable works created by our artists, with framed prints or trendy objects! Let yourself be inspired by the colours, shapes and subjects proposed by Karsenty and Shife VHRo to make your home unique!


Colorful, immediate and democratic, Street Art is an accessible art form, because it can be used by everyone at any time.

Born in the New York suburbs in the Sixties, from an underground form of expression it has become one of the most followed and appreciated currents. In fact, it is very likely that you too have stopped at least once to admire or photograph a mural in your city or while you were travelling.

Those same murals that excite us today can also enter our homes, as home decor, in the form of prints or unique works.

Street style home decor.

Those who choose to furnish their home in a Street style are attracted by the illegality of this art form, they want to stand out from the crowd with unique works, accessories or prints that can convey a profound meaning. Despite the non-institutional roots of street art, this art form is capable of communicating significant messages, which become unedited in a home.


Abstract art is one of the most important artistic currents of the twentieth century because it, for the first time, demonstrates with certainty that art must not imitate reality. In essence, an abstract work manifests itself with colors, shapes and images that are completely different from the real ones to express the inner feeling of the artist.

The language of abstractionism serves to create a composition independent of reality.

Furnish your home in an abstract style.

Those who choose to furnish their home with an abstract style want to express their emotions.

The home, office or shop are potential environments that can represent one's personality, ideas, knowledge and lived experiences.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that abstract art is the form of art that allows you to interpret shapes and colors in a personal way by stimulating the imagination.


 The New Pop style is an evolution of the pop trend ( Pop ular art), characterized by strong and decisive colors with media icons represented, such as actors, singers, artists but also iconic objects such as cars and televisions.

Furnishing your home in a new pop style: a colorful and evergreen style

New Pop style furniture is a particularly widespread trend: the style is characterized by a decisive, colorful imprint and full of references to the so-called "pop culture".


The Cartoon style has its roots in Pop Art. The latter is characterized by the use of images that are easily reflected in the collective memory: comics, cartoons, actors or artists who unleash waves of personal memories and positive emotions in everyone.

Decorate in Cartoon style

Cartoon-style furniture is suitable for lovers of a fun and colorful style that somehow brings back a childhood past, and the memory of the most popular television myths.


The New York style is very current and is deeply linked to the metropolitan atmosphere of the "Big Apple"; it almost represents photographic shots, everyday scenes, stolen moments, which recall the particularity of this world, always awake, always current, always eager to put on a show.

Decorating in New York style

Anyone who chooses to furnish in New York style is certainly a lover of the "Big Apple", of contemporary settings and metropolitan atmospheres of which New York is the leader.

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