“Every time we deliver a painting with its respective frame, we feel we are being hosted in our customers' homes, in the offices of professionals and people who have chosen our expertise, our experience and have shared our sensitivity. Every finished job is our calling card.”

Choose your style

Do you love art but don't know where to start?

The best thing is to start from what excites you.

We have created for you some collections containing artists with similar styles, trying to take care of every detail and hoping to inspire you in your choice

Tradition & Modernity

With almost 50 years of experience, ours is a story of continuous evolution.

Transformation, rebirth, and resilience are characteristics that have allowed us to go through enormous socio-cultural changes, reaching the fascinating world of Street Art.

Cd Studio D’Arte galleria

Our business was founded in 1974 as a laboratory specialized in the creation of high quality handcrafted frames.

Twenty years later, in 1994, the business grows and changes location, expanding the offer and evolving into an art gallery, where we wanted to reconcile the two passions that have always motivated us: art and travel.

Pop & Street Art

Thanks to the collaboration with numerous international artists, and organizing exhibitions and events in Europe, today the gallery is considered a point of reference in Europe for Pop-Art and Street-Art .