Collection: ZEROMENTAL

Graduated from the P. Selvatico Art Institute of Padua, he subsequently graduated in Architecture in Venice.
Trained in the airbrush technique and in the search for new materials, he is in continuous emotional evolution between experience and painting with the name of Mental Zero.
He began his career in 1999, participating in the exhibition "The social workshop - the city visits the project site for the future of the former Paolini & Villani factory",
organized by the municipality of Venice. Specialized in airbrushing, he carries out various works and design projects for important companies in the Veneto area, combining experiences
artistic for interior decoration for clubs and shops.
The creation of wooden panels, treated with special funds, painted and then lacquered is the next evolution of the artist who over the years gains self-awareness and refines
his technique, perfects the style, creates his own artistic uniqueness. Lightness and cleanliness of the sign, associated with an accurate chromatic choice, merge with a chromaticism
emotional with a strong visual impact.
Since 2005, presenting himself under the name of "mental zero", Manrico Baldo transforms his sensations into instincts, into forms that are summarized in a concept of annulment, from
hence the name Zero Mentale, with the desire to leave previous experiences behind in favor of new experiments.

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