An original way to decorate your home is to use decor prints . It has never been easier to do it, thanks to indoor prints. Furnishing your home means giving a touch of art and personality. A solution for those who want to renovate the bedroom, kitchen or living area without spending too much money. There are various solutions to choose from for the walls of your home: elegant canvas prints with or without a support frame or photo paintings. 

Modern or retro decor prints.

For the walls of your home you can choose between landscape images, vintage prints, kitchen posters, modern paintings, graphic illustrations or photographic prints. To make each room of your home original. Let yourself be inspired by retro prints or modern paintings.

Choose between prints and photo paintings.

Thanks to technological development, digital printing is increasingly present in the world of art and in interior decoration. In fact, it is increasingly used by interior designers to furnish homes, offices, hotels and public spaces.

Decorating your home with canvas prints is certainly the most classic way of decorating interiors. In fact, the canvas allows you to create pictorial quality prints with which to reproduce original paintings, emerging artists or personalized graphics. The photo paintings are ideal for decorating the walls of the house with photographic prints, author shots, personal or family photos.

Decorating print on canvas: what is meant

When we talk about canvas printing we mean the reproduction of a painting, photograph or other image on a stretched canvas. It is possible to find them in many shapes, but usually the most common are square or rectangular in shape.

The canvas print is made with inkjet and dye sublimation . This type of printing, more technologically advanced, also makes it easier to produce a large format print, maintaining the integrity and finer points of the original image.

A photo frame revolutionizes the room

Just insert a photo frame in a room to completely revolutionize its appearance. To make the wall particularly elegant, you can choose between photo-paintings that reproduce works of art or author photographs.

The photo paintings are ideal for decorating the walls of the house with photographic prints, author shots, personal or family photos. They can be reproduced with particular chromatic effects, such as black and white or sepia effect, or creating photo collages of different formats.

Studio D'Arte CD gallery for furniture prints

If you want to enrich smooth and white walls in your home or office, our gallery can be for you. We will recommend solutions to furnish your home, decorate the walls and give a touch of art to your home. Inside our gallery you will find prints by national and international artists .

Wall prints are available in the most diverse formats: 13×18 cm, A4 (21×30 cm), 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm, 50×50 cm, 50×70 cm and 70×100 cm, or you can create your own combination.

Three works in our gallery "Sassi e waves" by Ioannis Schinezos , prize-winning work at the Glanzlichter international photography competition in Germany.

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