Graffiti, murals and stencils: it's now easy for street art enthusiasts to decorate the walls of their homes. Thanks to the numbered prints signed by the artists, it is possible to bring real works of art into your home at an affordable price. The house can thus become a real art gallery.

What is street art

Street art (or street art) is a particular form of expression of contemporary art. It occurs in public places and, originally, often illegally. The artists use different techniques: spray cans, stencils, acrylic colors with brushes, stickers.

When street art was born

In the 1980s in England and the United States, the streets began to be papered with the first form of street art: tags. They were real anonymous “signatures” left by young people in the most unthinkable places: buildings, metro stops or inside trains. In this way the artists emerged, they took up new spaces.

At the end of the last century in Europe many graffiti artists began to offer their works also on posters or paint on the wall. The goal was the pursuit of mass communication. For street artists, art must belong to everyone and must be enjoyed outside the hitherto deputy places, such as museums for example.

The works of Any and Alessio-B

Two artists who have their common matrix in Padua, have managed to establish themselves at international levels.


Any (acronym of About New York) is an artist who began his career with the watercolor technique, and then moved on to oil and acrylic paint. He studied at the Pietro Selvatico Art Institute, Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture in Venice. In his works the love for the Big Apple and its symbols.


Alessio-b he discovers the writers and the stencil technique thanks to the Parisian " Blek le rat ". After graduating in architecture in Venice, he begins to travel, stocking up on memories, images and sensations that will help him outline his destiny as a street painter. Among his favorite techniques is the use of torn posters and international periodicals, which create the surface and background for his works. Since 2013 a crescendo of national and international exhibitions. He has exhibited in France, England, Germany, the United States and Korea.

Not just prints and paintings

Street art has evolved over the years, from graffiti on the wall to canvas and paper, supports that can be easily placed on the walls of our homes. Hence, street art becomes a piece of furniture, in the form of prints or even sculptures ( spray cans , statues or glass works ).

Furnish your home with street art

Experience and sensitivity. These are two elements that have characterized it from the very beginning CD Studio d'Arte , the Paduan art gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art. An experience spanning over thirty years, and today a point of reference for most of the city of Padua. Inside there is a wide choice of national and international artists , with particular attention to new proposals. Among the artists available: Alessio B, Karsenty David, Shife, Bra, Giuliano Trombini, Friedler Julien and Any.

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