Colorful, immediate, democratic. There street art it is an accessible art form, because it can be used by everyone and at any time.

From the 70s to today, when it was born within the cultural humus of the suburbs New Yorkers , starting from the street, he has come a long way. From an underground form of expression it has become one of the most followed and appreciated currents at all latitudes. Who has never photographed murals in their city (here at Padua there are dozens of beautiful works, more than 40 made under the Street Art Biennial Super Walls )? Or during a trip, admiring its colors or sharing a particular message? Those same "walls" that made us excited today enter more and more often even inside our homes, in the form of prints . This happens because often and willingly the reproduction techniques on paper manage to maintain – even for street artist already established – affordable sales prices.

Here then is that with an investment within everyone's reach you can buy or donate a work of street art which, in addition to giving character to the domestic environment, will also increase its value over time. What to choose? You really are spoiled for choice! You can opt for prints with known subjects such as the children of Alessio-B , or the delicate details of New York by Any oh funny cartoon characters immortalized by Karsenty .

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