Children, hearts, an explosion of colours… These are the subjects of the new small-sized paper prints made by Alessio-B . His proposals are always original, and in this period the street art prints are perfect to give under the Christmas tree.

The new edition of " Look at The Stars " with colors that recall the mural created in 2019 on the occasion of the first edition of the Super Walls Street Art Biennale, in via Rodi in Padua. The title takes up Stephen Hawking's iconic phrase “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet”. In fact, the little girl wears an astronaut helmet and looks at the stars, inviting the observer to go beyond the superficial meaning of things.

The small edition of “ 4 Ever ”: two children holding hands after having painted the writing on the wall, a message of eternal friendship.

Skate Rainbow Edition ” is a brand new subject: a child rides a rainbow on his skateboard. The print is an explosion of colour, vitality and fun, inviting the viewer to enjoy every moment of life with energy.

Finally, Alessio-B has created a new edition of the iconic little girl with a heart, that is “ Dream Neon Edition ”. The central theme of the work is love, both understood as a deep bond and deep friendship, and as a feeling that unites two people.

Alessio-B has chosen to communicate strong and positive messages through his prints, necessary in this difficult period, which warm the heart and bring people closer.

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