From the 11 March to 9 April 2022 the windows of the Galleria Samonà in Via Roma host about thirty canvases that pay homage to great protagonists of author's erotic comics .

From the 11 March to April 9, 2022 , there Galleria Samonà in Padua will host Sensuality Icons , there painter 's staff Emilian Giuliano Trombini with a thirty of tele That reinterpret no the best known figures women in the history of comics erotic come on 70s _ to date . The no show there are the taxes to women of Mino Manara George Cavedon , Renzo Barbieri Jean-Claude Forest , Sandro Angiolin i and other well-known brands . the exhibition , visible and usable by anyone from Via Rome , it is promoted by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Padua in collaboration with our gallery.

This selection of subjects , which complete a research path on comics that the artist has undertaken in 2020 with 30 canvases dedicated to more famous male characters from black comics , sees appear heroines that have Done stories to, Between which the charming honey , born from the pencil of Milo Manara, Barbarella , protagonist of the homonymous science fiction comic created by Jean-Claude Forest, known by the general public also thanks to the film in which she is played by Jane Fonda, e Beelzeba , the Princess of Hell , creation of i Sandro Angiolini for the Italian publisher EdilFumetto.

“A dive into a pop imaginary” , says the councilor for culture Andrea Colasio , who continues: “This is how I would define this light-hearted exhibition, in which Giuliano Trombini revisits some well-known characters from author comics. In this choice and in the way in which he develops these portraits, Trombini's training as a poster designer and advertising graphic designer, and his activity as an illustrator of books and novels, are evident. It was in the 70s that the artist devoted himself exclusively to painting, and the cultural and visual climate of those years still maintains a curious, lively, revisited nostalgia .” .

“I am really pleased to present the canvases of a quality artist like Giuliano Trombini, a great painter, known and appreciated for his ability to interpret with great creativity , mastery and immediacy the subjects of the contemporary world. His own emerges in this personal exhibition rereading of iconic figures from author comics . Colorful and carefree, these heroines entered in the collective imagination". comments the editor Carlo Silvestrin.

Giuliano Trombini is originally from the province of Ferrara, where he lives and works. I began his artistic career as a poster designer and graphic designer. Subsequently he dedicated himself to the execution of various murals and illustrated the covers of books and novels; from the mid-1970s he devoted himself exclusively to painting. He has collected over one hundred personal exhibitions and attended as many group exhibitions and events in various cities in Italy, Europe and the USA

We advise you to visit the exhibition Icons of Sensuality in Galleria Samonà and to take a look at our shop with the artist's works. Follow us on our social channels @cdstudiodart and and IG @ cdstudiodarte6 8 , we will keep you updated !

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