Our gallery has always done its best to keep up with the times, adapting to changes and aspiring to innovation.

On the occasion of the preparation of the exhibition to present a new artist, Jack , we thought that not all of our customers have the opportunity to come directly to the gallery and admire its windows and interiors. Thinking of a solution, we have created an innovative and original one, for those who cannot or are unable to see the installation live, or simply want to see the available works from the comfort of their home, immersing themselves in a new digital experience.
So we thought we'd make one Virtual Art Gallery .

There virtual gallery it is a simulation of an existing place, created through the use of two-dimensional, panoramic or 3D images. The virtual visit can also use other multimedia elements to allow the visitor to immerse himself completely in the visit. In this way it will be possible to live an exclusive, new and unprecedented experience.
Using Artsteps , a platform that allows you to design exhibitions by creating realistic three-dimensional environments, it was possible to set up Jack's exhibition by setting it in our gallery! In fact, the floor plan is the same as the one you find "live" when you visit us: there are some details that will be immediately recognized by our regular customers.
We'll leave you the link to visit our gallery, just click below. Enjoy your visit!

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