Venturini was born in Ferrara in 1988 and today lives in Pincara, a small village in the province of Rovigo. His passion for Art, inherited from his family, has been perfected over time by frequenting
Artists from Ferrara and from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, where he immersed himself in the world of contemporary art, especially gestural art, from form to an expressive and spontaneous sign.

Matteo Venturini, known as
"nonseidiSegnominore", is an artist who stands out for his art
modern figurative. His work is characterized by strong gestures and
an immediacy that conveys melancholy and restlessness. His stage name,
which recalls the concept of Sign, opens up to different interpretations,
from artistic graphic interpretation to the Sign of the Zodiac. Venturini, born
in Ferrara in 1988, he inherited the passion for art from his family and has
perfected his technique by frequenting local artists and the Academy of Fine Arts
Arts of Bologna. Through his exhibition activity in various Italian cities,
like Piacenza, Ferrara, Rome and Milan, Matteo continues his search for a
personal language that leads him to fully express his dimension
artistic in the field of modern figurative art.

“I want my drawings to perceive the vertigo, the rearing, the jumping and therefore the strength and courage of those who do not allow themselves to be imprisoned in a single movement.”