Street Art: Bridge between Territory and Artists

Events and Festivals of Excellence

We are at the forefront in organizing events and projects related to street art .

Our mission is to promote this art form through innovative events and private projects, bringing creativity and inspiration to cities across the country.


    Redevelopment of 10 refreshment points throughout Italy for AutoGrill Spa

  • PADUA (PD)

    InfoCamere company headquarters redevelopment project

  • PADUA (PD)

    Inauguration of the Net Engineering headquarters


    Redevelopment of the Municipality of Bientina in collaboration with Dab Pumps


    "Sweetness" project for the centenary of the foundation of Bauli Spa

  • PADUA (PD)

    World Foundations Day in collaboration with CaRiPaRo .

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Transform Your Vision into Art

Immerse yourself in the universe of street art: let's discover together how your idea can enrich and transform the space around us. Art is a dialogue, and we are ready to listen and give shape to your project.

Giving voice to your artistic vision is our passion.


    We take care of all-round project management:

    Supply of materials
    Supply of machinery and (qualified) personnel
    Selection and coordination of on-site artists
    RC insurance
    Administrative practices (CILA, landscaping, superintendence of cultural heritage)

    We offer our support and experience in the communication field:

    Creation of photographic and video services
    Dedicated press office
    Press releases and articles
    Catalogs and prints

For information and quotes:


📞 + 39 3334478044

Transformation and Impact

Over 70 artists involved

Over 80 walls completed

Over 5,000 square meters painted

The largest mural in Italy (about 4,000 square meters)

We are experts in transforming creative ideas into extraordinary works of mural art aimed at urban redevelopment.

Art Accessible to All

At the heart of street art lies a revolutionary vision:

Transforming urban spaces into art accessible to all.

Street Art thus becomes a vehicle for urban redevelopment and social inclusion. The streets become open-air tunnels, where talent and creativity mix with everyday life.

Street art knows no social or cultural boundaries; it creeps into the alleys and squares, bringing a message of beauty and hope.

Let's bring your vision to life together

Our team of incredibly talented artists have made their mark in numerous urban art and street art exhibitions. Not only keeping the tradition of this ever-evolving art form alive, but pushing the boundaries further.

Whether you want to bring your ideas to life, or collaborate with our artists to create breathtaking murals, we're here to help.

Our work is testimony to our commitment to exceeding all expectations.