Collection: STREET

Colorful, immediate and democratic: Street Art is an accessible art form, because it can be used by everyone and at any time.

From the seventies to today, when she was born in the New York suburbs, starting from the street, she has really come a long way!

From an underground form of expression it has become one of the most followed and appreciated currents. In fact, it is very likely that you have stopped, at least once, to admire or photograph a mural in your city or while you were travelling.

Those same "walls" that excite us today are increasingly entering our homes too, in the form of prints or unique works .

So what to choose? The choice is wide and heterogeneous, for example we often offer our customers prints with well-known subjects such as Alessio-B 's children, which transmit joy and light-heartedness, making you relive some childhood memories.

How to furnish your home in a Street style

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