Collection: JACK

Jack, Giacomo Perego, born in 1988, is a figurative artist who has been attracted to street art since he was young, and who draws inspiration from it for his works that stand out for their flamboyant colors and contemporary cut.

The themes are ironic or vintage, always with a modern and playful eye

The works

Jack thus began to paint portraits, enhancing the expressions of the subjects through an unusual use of colour, in order to express and convey the energy and character of the characters.

Guided by inspiration, he chooses to represent ironic or vintage subjects made in a playful way in a pop style, at other times he gives them an environmentalist spirit. In his works he often inserts phrases or words that repeat themselves, since they are the essence of what he wishes to convey: irony, light-heartedness, hope and love. His canvases have found success especially among young people, and it is for this reason that it happens to find them exhibited in pubs, shops, fairs, inaugurations and on the walls of the houses of friends and acquaintances!

Featured works