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Alexei-b . A name, and the initial of a surname that masks behind a certain desire for anonymity, necessary for the illegal action of street art that leads to Padua , in his city, where he was born in 1971 .


The passion for drawing has accompanied Alessio-B since childhood but it will be a trip to Paris to make him discover street art , writers and the stencil technique thanks to Blek le Rat , an author who Alessio-B will be inspired by since start. The walls of the house will be his first supports and Keith Haring his first idol. He is also inspired by Pop Art , reproducing the legends of pop and rock music and international stars.

After graduating in architecture in Venice , he began traveling to England, Spain, Morocco, the Caribbean, Tanzania, all journeys that enriched him with memories, images and sensations that would help him outline his destiny as a street painter.

His motto “ art is not a crime ”.

In love with Street Art, he never misses an opportunity to embellish with his images – children holding hands, drawing a heart on the wall, dreamily looking at the starry sky, the monnalisa in a tuxedo with her hands in her pockets smiling ironically.

Peace and love , follow your art , love , are the pacifist messages written by her graffiti children, symbols of innocence and love that emanate positive empathy.

Various techniques used:

  • canvases painted with spray colors using stencils for the creation of negative images;
  • images on previously plastered boards almost as if to recreate the surfaces of the walls on which he usually leaves his works as a tribute to the cities where he lives or goes on vacation;
  • paintings on paper and sculptures in various materials which are covered with images taken from newspapers or advertising posters and then "lacquered" with a material which, solidifying, "fossilises" the work almost freezing it in order to be able to pass it on to posterity.

One of the techniques he uses the most consists, unlike the historical decollagists, in using tear-offs from posters , especially advertisements from international periodicals such as Vanity Fair , GQ , Playboy , on which he applies pages from newspapers such as Le Monde , New York Time and Asia News to create the surface, then intervening pictorially with multiple techniques ranging from enamels to oil, from acrylics to spray paint and finally lacquering everything with a varnish that "vitrifies" the work by solidifying.

Alessio-b tecnica

Fascinating techniques that never fail to stimulate the observer due to the continuous quotations taken from the contemporary world and the ability to crystallize the advertising image or the news into a pictorial unicum that elevates even the most "trivial" article to the rank of work of art. chronicle.

Alessio-b has been collaborating with CD Studio d'Arte since 2008 .

Since 2013 he has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Noteworthy:

  • the 2013 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art ,
  • the international event Cut it Out in Berlin 2015 ,
  • the 2017 Berlin Urban Nation museum opening,
  • the Urban Art section of the Paris Art Fair-Art Elisées ,
  • the Cavour Civic Gallery in Padua .

He has exhibited in France, England, Germany, the United States and Korea.

Works in evidence

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