David Karsenty , born in 1972, originally from Normandy, specifically from Le Havre, self-taught artist, arrives in the art world after studying psychology. Fascinated by street art and graffiti , starting from the path already traced by Pop Art , he works around the concept of icon .

David Karsenty and the concept of the icon

He himself states:

« I elaborate all the icons, from the 50s to the present day, the icons of painting, music, video games, everything that touched our childhood and still affects our collective unconscious».

Thus his works revisit some representative figures of pop culture , such as Mike Jagger, Andy Warhol or Keith Haring ; in his works there is never a lack of symbols and signs from the street or from figures belonging to the world of comics and US cartoons .

In his paintings, the phrase " SO CULT" is present in an almost morbid way and indicates a cultural product that has acquired a symbolic value due to its exemplary character.

David Karsenty Super Walls 2021

For Karsenty, color is extremely important, he himself says:

«The colored side is a choice, it's my way of seeing life, moreover, color is life! You can see in my paintings the words: LIFE, GOOD LIFE».

His artistic production ranges from paintings on canvas to drawings on paper and cardboard; his graphic production is also vast, which he creates by elaborating very different backgrounds and keeping the main subject identical: a seriality modified by the background that brings him back to the serial concepts of Andy Warhol .

After having exhibited in numerous art galleries in France and in various countries of central and northern Europe, he arrives in Italy where he collaborates permanently with CD STUDIO d'ARTE of Padua ; in 2019 he exhibited at the Sala Samonà-Banca d'Italia with a solo exhibition of unpublished works.

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