Emanuela Franchin lives and has her studio on the Riviera del Brenta in the Province of Venice.

His training took place thanks to the painting and sculpture courses of the master Maurizio Piovan , then he specialized in Rome between 2009 and 2012 in the technique of the stratigraphic spatula with the master Mario Salvo .

His artistic career opens in 2002 , with minimalist figurative works dedicated to the world of nature , large flower corollas depicted with a multi-material technique that restores an intense and poetic delicacy. In 2004 and 2005 the first personal exhibitions, one of his works enters the Public Collection of Cultural Heritage of the City of Monselice (Padua).

In 2010 , invited by Giulia Sillato, she became part of the current of " Metaformism ". In the following years his career was studded with numerous exhibitions in prestigious venues in Italy, including: Palazzo Ducale in Urbino , Chiostro Bramante in Rome , Mu.MA. Galata in Genoa , Palazzo dei Giureconsulti for EXPO 2015 Milan , Palazzo Zenobio in Venice , Palazzo Ducale in Massa , Complesso del Vittoriano Ala Brasini for the Triennial of Visual Arts in Rome , Villa Magnisi in Palermo , ARTinGENIO Museum at Officine Garibaldi in Pisa .

Since 2018 he has been part of the member artists, and exhibits annually at the "La Permanente" Museum in Milan .

She has been invited internationally: in Berlin to the "Night of the Stars 2020" review and event in the frame of the Berlin International Film Festival, at the Van Der Plas Gallery in Manhattan New York, at EXPO 2020 Dubai - Abu Dhabi .

His works are present in both public and private permanent collections.

In 2019 he was among the seventy-one artists selected to prepare two works for the exhibition "Pace e Amore Italian Selection for Expo 2020 Dubai - Abu Dhabi".

In 2021 the artist was selected, two paintings entered the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art "ARTinGENIO MUSEUM", inaugurated on June 10, 2021 by Vittorio Sgarbi, at the prestigious headquarters of the "Officine Garibaldi" in Pisa .

Emanuela Franchin opere

Currently the artist composes his works choosing almost exclusively square formats , a symbolic space of his research dedicated to the informal abstract , where he probes the soul and tells the emotions, which are amplified through a rich chromatic range that is inspired by the colors and brightness of precious stones. The color becomes material, at times, with a clear contrast, it fades thanks to a " tonal system ": it collects the legacy of Venetian painting, and reinvents it using stratified backgrounds and glazes which, depending on the light, transform in infinite shades.

A journey that the spectator himself can travel; through matter and chromatic transparency, he can enter the canvas, in history, interpret and re-read his own life in the sign of color, until he discovers the codes of the soul.

All of this is confirmed by galleries and publishing houses that appreciate the originality and particularity of a painting of extraordinary workmanship and incredible lyrical sensitivity, born from the artist's unstoppable desire to express himself.

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