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21 October – 26 November 2017

Via Appia Monterosso, 52 – free admission

Inauguration Saturday 21 October at 18.00

Fausto Manara is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and professor of psychotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine of Brescia.

He has participated and actively participates in the life of many scientific associations active in the field of sexology and eating disorders. He was vice-president of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology and is past-president of the Italian Society for the Study of Eating Disorders, for the treatment of which he founded and directed the Regional Reference Center in Brescia.

He has held lectures, conferences and seminars in many Italian and foreign universities and institutions, as well as in other educational and training initiatives. He has published over 150 scientific papers in Italian and international journals.

He is the author of five scientific volumes and ten popular essays published by Sperling and Kupfer where there are always strong references to the need for man to free himself from constraints, censorship and conditioning to achieve that "free thought" which is the most precious heritage to make one's life a very personal and extraordinary work of quality. For this reason he observed from various angles - and analyzed - how much the innumerable strategies of manipulation of thought and judgment to which we are exposed daily constitute an impending threat to our freedom and therefore to our way of looking at what surrounds us and, above all, within ourselves.

The need to give these themes a more immediate representation than the one that passes through writing was the gateway for him to enter, with his photo-pictorial metaphors, the world of visual arts.

The creative journey then followed a path that led him to deconstruct the photographic image until giving birth, going beyond appearances, to what belongs to the world of the imaginary, the unconscious: the deep, emotional resonance that every reality arouses when one penetrates it, seeing its depth and not just looking at its surface. As if to say that the reality of the image, in itself, does not exist except through its relationship with the inner world of the observer.

He has exhibited his works in the following exhibitions:

In 2011:
March-April “DisinForma” at the Agnellini Modern Art Gallery, Brescia;
September-October “Ceci n'est pas une pipe” at the Mya Lurgo Gallery, Lugano.

In 2012
March-April "Transfiguration" at the Museum of Santa Giulia, Brescia
November-December “Désinformation”, at the Galerie Janos, Paris

In 2013
November “InOltre” at the Palazzo Loggia of the Municipality of Brescia

In 2014
February-March “InOltre” at the Corte San Rocco Exhibition Center in the Municipality of Cantù

In 2015
October-November “Paris Autrement”, at the Gallery of the Istitut Français, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan

In 2015-2016
November-February "Synchronie" at Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts, Spoleto

In 2016
June-September "Synchronie" at the Carlo V Castle, Lecce

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