From January 15th to February 5th 2022 our gallery will host the photographic exhibition Natural Abstractions by Ioannis K. Schinezos .

Ioannis K. Schinezos is a nature photographer, publicist and graphic designer. Born in Greece in 1956, he lives in the province of Padua.
Taught Nature photography at the University of Padua and managed the course of Scientific photography at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.
He has published 13 photographic books as author, while for another 12 he covered the role of designer and editor.
Among those published by him are: Two (2019), Chloris (2016), Nature in Lesvos (2014) e The Botanical Garden of Padua (2007). The first two will be available in the gallery.

He was the founder and managing director of Naturae , nature photography webmagazine, awarded as best web product of 2008 in the field of nature in Italy ( AFNI Award ). He has obtained several awards in international photography competitions: IGPOTY competition in the United Kingdom, MML competition in Spain, GDT International Photographer of The Year in Germany and Asferico in Italy.
He has made several personal exhibitions between Padua, Vicenza, Teolo, Treviso, Rhodes and Athens in art galleries, museum spaces and architectural studios. It has also been part of group exhibitions in Padua and its province. He has recently been the curator of the collective photographic exhibition Enchantment-silence, the nature of the Veneto, which took place in November 2021 at the Palazzo Zuckermann in Padua.

The exhibition Astrazioni Naturali at our gallery will exhibit 18 photographic works published several times in Italian and international magazines such as Itineraries and Places , Photo cult , traveling , Naturphoto And Chasseur d'Images .
Among these, the work Rocks and waves was awarded at the Glanzlichter international photography competition in Germany.

Ioannis Schinezos manages to capture through his shots a sensitive and empathetic interpretation of Nature, with perfect shapes and compositions. In some shots he emphasizes the lines of the subjects through the contrast of lights and shadows.
From his photos it is possible to grasp a predilection for filming macro : it is possible to perceive a love in observing and representing the details, the small subjects, the small ones souls which often go unnoticed. His intent is to give them an aesthetic and spiritual dignity.
His shots are not "exotic" or "distant" but strongly close to us and to the territory close to the photographer, precisely because his interest is aimed at the microcosm and known places.
The vitality of Nature is depicted with long exposure shots: the watercourses thus transmit energy and dynamism.

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