Our gallery is happy to present you a new artist: Jack!

Class 1988 , is a figurative artist attracted from a young age by street art , and which draws inspiration from it for his works characterized by bright colors and a contemporary cut . The themes are ironic or vintage , in a modern and playful perspective.

The interest in drawing did not arrive at an early age as one would expect: Jack says in fact that although the teachers were enthusiastic about the way he combined colors in an extravagant way, drawing and coloring were activities that could be placed on a par with any other school subject. During his high school years, Jack spent his time "embroidering" books with doodles, trying to reproduce the murals he saw every day at the station, imagining himself part of the world of writers and inventing his own tags .

The passion for the art world came slowly: Jack was impressed by street artists, hypnotized by musicians, buskers, fire eaters, stilt walkers and above all by street artists, who in a short time managed to represent interesting subjects through stencils and spray cans. As luck would have it, the Circus Festival was organized in Imbersago, a small town where, as the artist says, "for luck or bad luck nothing sensational ever happens". SBAAM . The Convention, which brought together artists from all over the world, involved Jack himself, who tried his hand at street art.

Jack had the opportunity to make several trips. Getting to know new and different cultures, admiring exotic landscapes and places, getting out of the comfort zone have been her main elements of inspiration. It was right during a trip to Tokyo that the artist had love at first sight, the artistic revelation: a dear friend with whom he was traveling fondly kept a sketch he made, discovering a talent that Jack had kept hidden from his friends for years.

Spurred by friends to enroll and attend an art school, Jack began to follow the master's lessons Massimo Bollani, starting his artistic experience. The style has evolved over time, together with the choice of colors and the subjects to represent. Even the technique has undergone an evolution: the artist began to use oil paint and then used a mixed between acrylic and Uni Posca .

Jack thus began to paint portraits, enhancing the expressions of the subjects through an unusual use of colour, in order to express and convey the energy and character of the characters.

Guided by inspiration, he chooses to represent ironic or vintage subjects made in a playful way in a pop style, at other times he gives them an environmentalist spirit. In his works he often inserts phrases or words that repeat themselves, since they are the essence of what he wishes to convey: irony, light-heartedness, hope and love. His canvases have found success especially among young people, and it is for this reason that it happens to find them exhibited in pubs, shops, fairs, inaugurations and on the walls of the houses of friends and acquaintances!

We just have to admire his works and appreciate the bright colors and energetic and extroverted subjects, in perfect style pop ! To stay up to date on the latest trends in the art world, we are also waiting for you on our pages Facebook @ cdstudiodarte and Instagram @ cdstudiodarte1968 .

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