A canvas print is a reproduction of a painting, photograph or other image on a stretched piece of canvas. While they come in a variety of shapes, canvas prints are commonly square or rectangular in shape. They are made to be framed or hung.

How the canvas is made

The canvases used for printing are generally made of cotton or linen. In the past hemp was also used in production, then over the years cheaper solutions were chosen, i.e. cotton, linen and other materials easily available on the market. A new material has recently been developed for printing on canvas, it is Poly Canvas, which derives from plastic.

A numerical system based on weight is used to classify the canvases: the higher the number on the scale, the lighter the canvas. This system helps manufacturers determine what type of canvas will be suitable for the ink transferred during the manufacturing process.

machine canvas print

Print on canvas for paintings or photographs

With printing on canvas you can reproduce famous artists, graphics or photographs. Usually the original image is smaller than the reproduction that ends up on the canvas. This type of production that allows you to enlarge the original image without losing detail or quality, is known as large format printing.

How prints are made

There are two main ways of reproducing a work of art reproduced on a canvas print. One is known as offset printing, where an image is inked, transferred from a plate to a rubber mat, and then transferred back to the canvas. The other is inkjet printing and dye-sublimation. This more technologically advanced type of printing also makes it easier to produce a large format print, maintaining the integrity and finer points of the original image.

Once the image transfer process is complete, a canvas print is secured to a wooden frame with push pins or staples. This is known as "gallery wrap". With a gallery wrap, the fixings are hidden from view, usually along the sides of the canvas, and the print is instantly ready for a frame or to hang directly on a wall.

Printing on canvas

The costs of printing on canvas

Costs vary mainly based on the size of the print and the quality of the canvas used. The higher quality the canvas, the longer the print will last. Special sealants can be applied to the prints to protect them. It can be done in a variety of sizes from A4 to A0. Larger prints require not only more material, but also sturdier framing. 

The prints at the CD Studio D'Arte Gallery

canvas print - Bengez

There are numerous proposals for works produced on canvas at the our gallery , such as the artist's works Miljenko Bengez . In his works, color plays a central role in the expression of a contemporary, urban landscape that recalls places that the artist himself has visited such as Europe, the USA, Japan, South America and his hometown, Zagreb.

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