Andrea Franceschini-P.theFo, originally from Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL), trained as a self-taught artist starting from the study of technical drawing (especially ink on paper), then turning to acrylic and finally oil on canvas and panel. His work begins with a careful selection of subjects, searching for, photographing or creating simple sketches of the city areas that most arouse his interest, and then moves on to the application of colors and the definition of details, as if he were building, brick by brick, the chosen city. Through his canvases he wants to convey the sensations and emotions that urban landscapes arouse in him. His works have been exhibited in Udine, Treviso and Venice, at the CD Studio d'Arte Gallery in Padua and in some public events ;he has participated in some painting prizes and exhibited at ArtePadova

Price list:

Italian Times square , 100 x 70 cm €850

NY Skyline , 100 x 70cm €850

Red building , 80 x 80 cm €800

Buildings , 50 x 50 cm €500

Cars , 100 x 50 cm €750

Passage of the train , 80 x 80 cm €800

Campari building , 80 x 60 cm €700