17 June – 17 July 2017

Galleria Cavour – Piazza Camillo Benso Count of Cavour – Padua

Inauguration Saturday 17 June at 18.30 – with the presence of PHILIPPE DAVERIO

The personal exhibition of the hyper-realist artist Bra opens on 17 June at 6.30 pm in the halls of the Galleria Cavour in Padua.

Bra was born in Rovigo on 11/28/1962.
He graduated in advertising graphics in Padua, where he began his career as a professional illustrator in 1985 specializing in hyperrealism, during his career I have worked for many of the most important national and international brands, such as: Aermec, Algida, Aperol, Apple, Atlas Bata, Bailo, Benetton, Bticino, Came, Carrera, Colmar, Dainese, De Longhi, Electrolux, Eminflex, Ennerev, Eridania, Fiat, Floritalia, Interflora, Hewing, Inglesina, Lange, Lowara, Luxottica, Mazda, McCain, Mercedes, Nec, Pepsi Cola, Peugeot, RAI, Rana, Remsa, Renault, Risport skates, Rossignol, Safilo, Smith lenses, Tuborg, Venini and many others; has collaborated with many advertising agencies of international importance: McCann Erikson, J.Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam,
Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi and Saatchi, TBWA.
He already specialized in the airbrush painting technique in the 80s and then moved on to digital illustration in the early 90s. Since 2000 he has shifted his professional interest to graphics, while specializing and taking an interest in all the components for the creation of an image, from photography to graphics and 3D animation.
The visceral love for illustration has never left him and his innate personal passion for drawing and painting led him to create a series of drawings and paintings using the classic techniques from pencil to charcoal to chalk on paper for then get to paint with acrylics on canvas.
His hyper-realistic painting focuses above all on representing the beauty and complexity of human faces and bodies, not disdaining the creation of works with a metaphysical flavor where social denunciation mixes with refined representative technique.
The works where the presence of a subject who is the victim of a paradoxical situation, but no less real for this reason, are generally of large dimensions and demonstrate the artist's confidence in putting himself on the line without reverential fears towards the viewer, as well as the works which represent female subjects want to pay homage to beauty without indulging in the search for captivating backgrounds as if to demonstrate that the purity of the line does not need choreographic supports.
He collaborates with CDStudio d'Arte which represents him exclusively and takes care of his exhibitions.

Philippe Daverio will be present at the inauguration – Free admission


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