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Untitled-1 Painter by vocation rather than by academic training, Miljenko Bengez is certainly a "reliable" artist, extremely recognizable and coherent with his painting which refers to images of the childhood memory of each of us.

In his colorful landscapes, the artist synthesizes a will to live and a positivity so evident as to be almost embarrassing in a world accustomed to continuous analysis and introspection.
This is not the case for Bengez! With his colours, sometimes warm and sometimes colder, he expresses his playful sensations of an eternal joie de vivre; almost as if he were busy creating a travel notebook, the artist faithfully notes his emotions by inscribing them in a series of geometric figures that almost create a laboratory of ideas. His landscapes composed of houses, squares, palaces sometimes mixed with surreal musical instruments or flowers or figures that seem to want to affirm that they are "alive", "inhabited" landscapes even without the physical presence of man, never cease to to excite but, at the same time, to reassure the observer who "enters" those paintings feeling at ease, almost at home.
The serenity that these paintings convey have made him one of the most successful artists of his land and his works can now be admired almost all over the world both in public exhibitions and in private galleries, proving that Kleen's imagination, from which he draws great inspiration , finds nowadays great recognition precisely by virtue of the message that Miljenko Bengez transmits to us: serenity and joy of living even in historical moments that are certainly not serene; Bengez has remained faithful to his painting over the years by continuing to imagine colorful and reassuring landscapes and his increasingly large audience acknowledges this.
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